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Inspired by the gentle but contrasting tones of Parisian architecture the toning and colors of these presets are quite muted and soft with a touch of warm glow reminiscent of the autumn sunset in Paris. They also add a touch of grain to give your pictures a bohemian and artistic vibe. We also included variations without grain and with different exposure, white balance, etc. so the presets work on most photographs.

The collection features 10 presets plus 7 variations of them (so 18 presets total!)  that work wonderfully together so you can mix them to give your feed an aesthetically pleasing cohesiveness. 

Crafted for: travel, interiors, flat-lay, lifestyle, food, architecture and art photography. Works better with natural light. 

What you will need: These presets were created for Adobe’s FREE Lightroom CC mobile app. You don’t need a paid subscription to use it. 

If you want to use them on Desktop, you will need Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5. or 7.3 and up.

Based on your lighting conditions, camera settings, and personal style, these presets may need to be slightly altered to fit your needs. If you need help please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help get your desired look!

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Edited with: La bohème

Edited with: Coulée verte

Edited with: Ile de la cité

Edited with: Montparnasse

Edited with: Panthéon

Edited with: Vincennes

Edited with: 16 ème

Edited with: Montmartre

Edited with: Sorbonne

Edited with: Quartier Latin


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